Product Designer

Profile Image of Nicolle White, hair tied in a low ponytail, smiling with the red brick background. Female, red hair, freckles, white shirt.

My greatest motivator is to discover the ‘why’ within complex problems in order to collaborate and strategize toward solutions.

As a professional with more than 1.5 years of design experience and a background in business operations, I have a natural mind for anticipating processes, time management and designing feasible solutions.

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”
-- Albert Einstein

Case Studies

Image of Prototype. This is the search function of the app where plants are recommended based on lighting in your space or other filters applied.

Mobile App Design to Recommend Suitable Plants for Urban Gardeners

There's been a pandemic gardening boom -- how can we make it last? Open PDF

A prototype image of the checkout function of the Walmart grocery delivery app

Walmart Sponsored Mobile e-Commerce Product for Grocery Delivery

Online grocery delivery is bigger than ever before -- how can we help Walmart's customers save money and live better while incentivizing them to reduce emissions? Open PDF

In Progress

Circular logo with white background. The writing says St. James Town Community Corner.

St. James Town Website Redesign
St. James Town (SJT) Community Corner provides a huge number of services to residents of the community -- how can we adjust the website to encourage residents to stay up-to-date and involved in SJT?

Ripple Foundation logo with black background and white text. logo image is of three circles encased in one another to represent a ripple.

The Ripple Foundation
The Virtual Writing Workshops are a series of 3 workshops that run each month -- how can we prevent a drop in attendance from the 1st session to the 2nd?

Frontend Coding

Web Design using HTML and CSS with Atom and Zurb Foundation

A web-based invite to a lavish affair -- a champagne birthday party for my sister and I! Go to GitHub